halo does everything better

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3 years ago#1
Except mutiplayer

I'm talking series generalities not specific games

The campaigns are a lot better more exciting more memorable better replayability and the coop capabilities

Extra mode forges awesome firefight was really fun especially with other people better than zombies in my opinion although that was probably due to the zombies map which in my opinion were not that good except for a couple even Spartan ops are betterthan spec ops which probably comes back to Halo campaign be better

I haven't heard halos graphics in atmosphere the characters in weapons the vehicles usable and otherwise the location

That being said so Call of Duty multiplayer is so much better halo 4 multiplayer got boring already the only reason I still play it is because of the customization the multiplayer is so much better that I first heard call of duty to Halo because I know I will play it more at least I will if it's better than black ops 1 that 1 is the worst in the series

All things considered I will play both games for different reasons and am glad I will have both

This is my opinion and I know some will disagree which is a good thing because if everyone thought like I did the world would be a scary place

Are welcome intelligent discussion and others opinions those you just wish to start stuff and Insult others can take a flying leap
3 years ago#2
Thats a shame. I was actually hoping that game would be good.
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3 years ago#3
>Except mutiplayer
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3 years ago#4
lol Firefight isn't better than zombies.
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3 years ago#5
Custom settings and rules makes firefight better to me. Plus it's actually fun solo only ever have fun playing zombies with other people
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