This whole ghost thing is out of hand, I might not get BO2

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4 years ago#11
All ghost does in this game is block you from a spy plane. You don't get all the extra effects that Black Ops 1 had. So when the other team doesn't have a spy plane up, you are essentially wasting a perk. I bet you will find a new way to enjoy the game and won't depend on ghost so much.
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4 years ago#12
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4 years ago#13
We won't miss you, you people are the reason we all get angry you awful, awful player.

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4 years ago#14
If you rely on Ghost to do the thins you say, you're just bad
4 years ago#15

oh treyarch, you slick mother *******! lol good stuff, good stuff.
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4 years ago#16
Kovalchuk_ posted...
because of one perk you won't buy the game?


Its the difference between getting murked and having fun most of the time genius
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4 years ago#17
So many people in here that are afflicted by the Pacman Syndrome.
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4 years ago#18
WM_PMC posted...
If you need ghost to get a higher K/D, you're not very good. The fact that not having ghost will completely cripple you is hilarious. This is why I love the changes Treyarch has made to ghost.

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4 years ago#19
RepublicanThug posted...
SackBoi posted...
RepublicanThug posted...
So if you hide in a corner to goto the bathroom or answer the door a red dot automatically pops up?

That seems kinda bogus

If this is sarcasm you need to get help, this had nothing to do with my topic I said I am 100% okay with the changes and that I actually like them but not the fact it is a level 55 perk.

It wasn't sarcasm it was a question. Thought that was obvious.

Sorry because you made it like go to the bathroom, seemed kind of funny but yes it is true.
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4 years ago#20
I have a 2.65 KD in BO, with 95% of my kills coming from only shotguns, and not once have I ever unlocked ghost. Being on the UAV is not a death sentence for the 1000th time, and you have much more than just ghost to counter it. In BO, the Jammer and the CUAV was all you needed.

In this game, you can shoot it down with a launcher, shoot it down easily with FMJ attached to your gun, use CUAV, and I'm sure there are more ways as well. I honestly believe 50% of the board here after CoD4/WaW days and entered Cod with the mindset that stealth is everything.
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  3. This whole ghost thing is out of hand, I might not get BO2

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