What emblem do you plan on making?

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User Info: gunho7

4 years ago#51
Littleshrtstout posted...
From: gunho7 | #038
Probably the sniper penguin again.

Also on a side note, why were you playing so bad with me and zach and yummy last time we played bo lol, it was very uncharateristic of you :P

It was a combination of drinking and my friends playing :P

From: gunho7 | #041
lol I just realized this is a stealth brag topic!

It's not! It really is the only picture i have lol

Haha stop lying I knew it was a stealth brag but I was the only one to catch it, I also had a feeling you had friends playing.

I am all knowing.
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User Info: Triple7Kango

4 years ago#52
a clown in black face

User Info: Zen_Zarab

4 years ago#53
First the Graffiti Soul Symbol from JSRF

and then something that looks like a Serv-Bot

More or less my two emblems from BO1. :)

User Info: AlaskanBlues

4 years ago#54
My old BO1 emblem, a 1 star Dragon Ball

User Info: Jackalfox

4 years ago#55
The first thing I'll probably do is try to re-create my eye emblem from the first Black Ops.
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User Info: LordAPX

4 years ago#56
Also have to remake this as well. :)


As well as my Titans logo.

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User Info: Zedymieon77

4 years ago#57
Probably the same thing from the first Black Ops: The Kingdom Hearts Nobody Symbol.

User Info: ZeroCharge

4 years ago#58
Either my Aperture Science logo I made in the first week of BO1 or Fluttershy's Cutie Mark. >_>
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User Info: seth_sage12300

4 years ago#59
Twilight Sparkle.
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User Info: JonJonFTW

4 years ago#60
That is not the Chrome symbol. This is: http://tinyurl.com/apb6n5t
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