Heres what is wrong with the Multiplayer(wall of text):

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4 years ago#1
SMGs are waaaaayy too powerful compared to everything. Faster movement, faster rpm, faster strafing, and with the laser sight, better hipfiring.

Assault rifles are really weak. Usually Assault rifles dominate at a distance, but with smgs having very little recoil and faster rpm they are basically outclassing any AR. Also the strafing is really slow. I know the adjustable stock helps, but at its default it is basically zoomed in sniper rifle speed.

Shotguns are weak again

Maps are too narrow. I swear IDK how many times I end up getting stuck on a teammate through a narrow hallway ending up getting us both killed because neither of us could dodge out of the way.

Scorestreaks are way to high to get/Assassin takes way to long to get. I know this sounds great at first but making the scorestreaks harder to achieve makes people use the lower end killstreaks. Thus constant UAV spam. And with Assassin taking longer to get it's only going to make people constantly use UAV. The stealth aspect is basically non existent.

Quickdraw is way too fast. You basically have to use it on every class if you want to compete. It should have stayed a perk, now everyone will have it on every setup.

The maps kinda suck. Really I cant name one map that has stood out exept for Cargo maybe,and I wouldn't call it a great map.

At the end of they day it's still CoD and it's still fun to play, it's just really too flawed. It kinda reminds me of MW2
4 years ago#2
4 years ago#3
srsgamer87 posted...

Guns are like every other Cod games (SMG op, shot gun suck, etc.)
Map sucks
Quickdraw is a staple
score streak too hard to get, now everyone uses UAV
still fun game.
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4 years ago#4
But, like, that's totally your opinion, man.
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4 years ago#5
its okay, sleep on it, see how u feel 2mrw
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4 years ago#6
4 years ago#7
SMG's would be overpowered. If every firefight happened in a 10x10 room. Assault rifles are better at all ranges other than right next to you.
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4 years ago#8
LinkIsSpartan posted...
its okay, sleep on it, see how u feel 2mrw

honestly you're probably right. maybe once I replay on a nights sleep I will feel differently . those are just some of the things that bothered me
4 years ago#9
I've never had a problem with walls of text in any COD.
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4 years ago#10
It would appear that UAV usage is a bit of an issue. It seems as though the scorestreaks are much harder to get, leading to everyone using UAV. It doesn't help that UAVs not only help you find enemies, but you get point assists, too right? Ghost is unlocked at 55 and CUAV takes 600 points compared to what, 375 for the UAV?

I mean...did they even give thought to this balance?
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