GS gives BO2 an 8.0 and Halo 4 a 9.0

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4 years ago#131
Wait. Did the TC actually say same enemies and weapons?

What the hell is this new floating laser gun thing I got. It wasn't in halo combat evolved...
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4 years ago#132
Lol TC bringing up the whole "same" argument when tryin to defend Call of Rehash?
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4 years ago#133
halo 4 is better. cod sucks.... no blood online.
4 years ago#134
I have a friend that's been playing Halo 4 for a bit and he's constantly telling me how awesome the MP is. Says that they have changed a lot, subltely I'm sure, like being able to sprint any time and not tying it to an ability. He's given me a list of stuff that's new or improved and actually convinced me to buy it this weekend.
4 years ago#135
Personally I am not a halo fan, but I really enjoyed the mp so far. Didn't touch campaign as I don't really enjoy halo campaigns.
4 years ago#136
both games are garbage
4 years ago#137
_huh posted...
SAME enemies, SAME weapons,SAME environments,

Completely wrong.

SAME vehicles,

Mostly true, barring the new Mantis. Not like it matters, Halo has many diverse vehicles to begin with.

SAME characters,

How dare a sequel keep the same protagonist! Oh, and barring the Chief and Cortana, EVERY character is different.

SAME story.

It's a vastly different story.

All you've shown is that not only did you NOT play the game, you didn't even bother to look up anything about it.
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4 years ago#138
Story in h4 was even worst. No flood.
But the presentation was nice.
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