I love how I can't go positive one game

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4 years ago#31
fatclemenza posted...
Funny story TC, there were far less campers before all the brats got out of middle school this afternoon

Were you playing the same game as me after release this morning? I played in a full party all night after I got the game, and 75% of the teams we played against had at least 3-4 guys camping their asses off. We won most of our games (only played domination) but it was still annoying as hell. But I really didn't expect any less.
4 years ago#32
I do incredibly poorly in about every third or fourth game.
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4 years ago#33
Above 2.8 in blops1. Struggle to go positive in this one. Glad i'm not the only one.

Probably the combination of weird lag comp and tiny maps... aka MW3 syndrome.
4 years ago#34
I'm about 1.1 right now, but the last 4 years I've bought "CoD" "late," months after people learned the maps.

I start off AWFUL, just AWFUL, and then it's a long, hard, violent struggle back to 1.0 K/D. And every single CoD I've ever played, I eventually get to the point where I'm going 2-1 regularly.

It's not reflexes or skill, it's tactical "skill" from map knowledge, to a large extent.
4 years ago#35
For the first time in 3 years I went 5-18.
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4 years ago#36
Good explanation, I agree completely

Edit: In relation to Urboror's post
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4 years ago#37
2.13 kdr right now

I'm not very good at console shooters so all my kills have to be from outsmarting my opponents which really isn't too hard, but when people learn the maps I think I'm screwed.
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4 years ago#38
Tidus6135 posted...
Yet I hold at the very least a 1.50 in every other game. Guess I just suck and it's not the game so proceed with the insults.

Same here, man. I'm rusty from 9 months off, but still, it's been pretty much all rape, most of the time. Day or two, it'll come back to me.
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4 years ago#39
I'm doing a 1.3ish but I understand what you mean, there just is so many spots for people to headglitch
4 years ago#40
Hmm. I had damn near a 3.00 k/d last night by the time I quit playing. I jumped on this afternoon and have been struggling to get above a 1.50 K/D today. The camping wasn't that bad last night, but today it's damn near impossible to find a match without everyone camping.
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