I love how I can't go positive one game

#51dEv7FiRPosted 11/13/2012 9:00:21 PM
I feel you man, i hold at least a 1.85 kd in mw3, now my kd is like 1.20, there are wayyyyy too many head glitching spots and its kinda pissing me off. Kids shouting hacks when they are killed aren't helping either.
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Funny, I've been doing better in this game, pulling constant 2 KD matches, and a few 4 KD matches (except for 1-2 maps that I just suck at, usually pull a .8 KD on those). Probably because I generally use shotguns and they are pretty damn powerful in this game, but I am enjoying everything except the damn headglitching.
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im not good at these games, but my friends i play with are pretty ridiculous by any stretch of the imagination, including k/d and skill, and even they were noting the lack of overall performance. when we play together as a group everyone tends to do a lot better as well for obvious reasons, so im not sure what the deal is. the same overall skill pool is still involved in the game and i seriously doubt a majority of people suddenly leveled up to be better than they are.

just my 2 cents.
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you forget, this is call of duty. you need to back into a corner and squat with a full clip of ammo and be sure you don't move until you see someone walk by. then kill them and retreat back to your corner.
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What do you play as? I played sniper in all of the COD games, below 1.0 K/D. My K/D in BO2 is 2.4 The sniper feels so much better, haven't messed around with ARs or SMGs.
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