Black Ops II Freezing?

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4 years ago#1
I've had my Xbox 360 for about 4 years now with minimal problems. I've been playing several games and watched movies on the Xbox very recently, again no issues. I purchased Black Ops II and it will freeze frequently when I'm setting up a multiplayer game. Occasionally when I turn my Xbox on it outright says "disc unreadable".
I exchanged the game today at Walmart for another copy thinking perhaps the disc is defective. I'm having the same problems with the new disc. I've had the same problems so I assume it's now the Xbox.
How can my Xbox work fine except with this game? Anyone else having this issue?
4 years ago#2
Did you install it?

I think all new games are made specifically for the newest xbox models, so they wont work entirely well with older models. I've frozen before in games because too many graphics popped up at once, while my friends with their slims didnt. Just my guess though.
4 years ago#3
I haven't installed it but that seems like something I should try. I didn't realize the newer Xbox models had better hardware. It doesn't freeze while playing only at the setup screen and usually at the end of matches when it's segwaying back to the setup screen.
4 years ago#4
I just bought a brand new xbox and this is the only game that froze on me. Froze 3 times. I really hope i didmt get a bad xbox
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