C/D: Black Ops 2 will go down as the "best of the worst" of the franchise.

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I've only played CoD2, CoD4, MW2, MW3, BO, and BO2. That said...

CoD4 (9.5)
MW2 (9)
BO2 (8.99)
BO (8.98)
CoD2 (8.97)
MW3 (5)
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people forget the cods before 4 because at that time medal of honor was still really well done and at the time, much better than cod
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It's so cool to hate on Call of Duty 3, still my fav in the series and likely won't change.

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Donuts_R_Good posted...
I'll never understand the love people had for World at War.

IMO, it was better than Black Ops. That's not saying much, though, as I despised Black Ops 1
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Call of Duty fans are like people in an abusive relationship, they know it's never gonna improve but they can't ever bring themselves to leave.
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Is it me or is the second message of every troll topic the funniest one in all of the topic?
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Good games:
IW1, IW2, IW3, IW4

Bad games:
The rest, mainly.
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For multiplayer CoD4 and WaW are tied as best for me. Though I think I liked WaW a little more (love the WWII weapons, maps, and them announcers).
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