If you could have ONE thing changed or fixed in the first patch what would it be

#1The-QuakerPosted 11/15/2012 2:32:43 AM
Mine would be the spawns. It nearly rivals MW3s.
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#2RegnagleppodPosted 11/15/2012 2:34:24 AM
Spawn takes time to fix, they need data for that.
Mine would be add twice as much recoil to every AR and SMG.
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#3BloodShadowXPosted 11/15/2012 2:36:41 AM
Lag...they should have enough money to do something about this it's no excuse the way it is now >..>
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#4IDontWinMuchPosted 11/15/2012 2:38:33 AM
Agree with number two; guns need recoil. Though to be fair this is an arena shooter, like quake, and did those guns have recoil? No. So w/e.
#5JTC87Posted 11/15/2012 2:40:00 AM
Guns need more damage.
#6Turtlemayor333Posted 11/15/2012 2:40:25 AM
Make it so hosting isn't a death sentence
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#7TheBlueDeathPosted 11/15/2012 2:40:38 AM
Wow, already glad none of you have any control over patching, minus the spawns
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#8The-Quaker(Topic Creator)Posted 11/15/2012 2:41:41 AM
Haha yeah if you have a good connection you are screwed. Makes me wish I could take back what I've said about people being host. Didn't know it could get worse.
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#9faxmachnePosted 11/15/2012 2:41:45 AM
Spawns easy
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#10animalswillrulePosted 11/15/2012 2:44:43 AM
Change the shield so you don't get blind after a couple of bullets or maybe implement a repair feature maybe like reloading