If you could have ONE thing changed or fixed in the first patch what would it be

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Agree with number two; guns need recoil. Though to be fair this is an arena shooter, like quake, and did those guns have recoil? No. So w/e.

Not comparable. Most guns in UT and Quake didn't use hitscan, and those who did wasn't helped by godly aim assist. Besides, those games spawns weapons on map, which mean you can't spawn with the best weapons.

Unless you're playing IG or TAM. God I miss both :(
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Spawns in Headquarters and Kill Confirmed.

Those are the only gametypes where the enemy can spawn behind you WHILE YOU'RE STILL IN THE ******* SPAWN.
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Bring back the UMP45
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Apart from the obvious ones that people have already addressed, I want them to get rid of the shock charge. They're freakin' everywhere and have way too much usefulness for the tactical slot. So hard to capture flags.

Also, I'd like them to completely change most weapon models to something more realistic. It's possible to make futuristic weapons that are a bit more subtle and don't look like dopey nerf guns. Yes - I know this will never happen:
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I don't have any issue with the spawns. They seem right along with most of the other Cods I played.

My one thing would be the connection problems.

I never had any problem in Cod4, MW2 or Black Ops, but in this I always seem to be behind the enemy. Its worse when I am host and turns almost unplayable.

I'm great with everything else, love this game, and every thing I would complain about has more to do with the community(I mean seriously, are people actually avoiding playing the objective now?) than the actual game. All of my rage moments comes from the connection issues for me.
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Lag and spawns. It's terribly inconsistent on lag... one game I have a god-like connection, next game I'm gimped and dying every time even though I'm shooting first.
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Well considering lag isn't as bad as you all are saying and that it wouldn't be fixed in the first patch anyway, something more realistic I would like to see changed is scoring in SnD and possibly TDM.
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I want to hear foot steps, that is all.
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