This game is fantastic.

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I'm beginning to encounter some of those problems as well lol. Definitely not saying the game is perfect by any means, but i'm soooooo tired of hearing nothing but complaining about the game, even if sometimes it's a legit complaint, because most of the time they just want something to blame their death on) whether it be here on gfaqs or while playing the game.

I've actually started muting teammates because they b**** nonstop about every single death. It's always either: lag comp, bad spawn, teammate doing something wrong, etc. God forbid they made a mistake or had bad aim for once or something. I know the game has some problems though lol.

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mr isaac man ; D

Would you agree that some maps are not fantastic, Arguably such maps called 'Drone' perhaps?


Ps. hope you are cool!, pardon the pun.. - not partied up for a while, and we should correct this matter with due haste!

Oh god, Drone and Turbine are terrible. I'd take any mw3 map instead of those two. No joke. Probably won't be on for another 2 or 3 hours :/ i doubt you're even still awake lol.

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Darth Skumfy. Mainslay 2012.

Oh man, i should record a game from his point of view. I didn't see him move once. That was insane lol.
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You hear nothing but complaining because the lag compensation issue is game-breaking.

It ruins essentially 95% of head to head gunfights.
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BTzz posted...
You hear nothing but complaining because the lag compensation issue is game-breaking.

It ruins essentially 95% of head to head gunfights.

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I've only encountered a handful of truly bad spawns. The majority of them being on hijacked >_> lol.

I have literally 1-2 every other match, whether it be me spawning or the enemy. There was a spawn on Yemen where I spawned and looked right and there was an enemy crouched facing away from me, a dirty kill I got there. It seems the modes with the fixed spawns are worse, when/how they flip is off.

As for connection, I've had a few instances where ill preaim someone coming around the corner and kill them dead on but they still nearly kill me, matches like that I hate. I have to be extreme ADD super tryhard to compete because people can shoot me before I even physically see them, and i think I have pretty good reflexes myself.

This. All of it.

It's weird, every other CoD I started off terrible(like <1K/D terrible) and worked may way up to being pretty decent at the game, but this one it's different.

I started off at around a 1.6 K/D or so, with 400-440 SPM, and am slowly getting better. I foresee my K/D settling around 2, but that's only if I go tryhard mode all the time.

In MW2, Blops1, or MW3 I would mess around and drop big numbers. 250+ Moabs in MW3 not even trying. I will admit, due to connection issues from the start of MW3 I sucked pretty bad, but after a few patches it improved greatly.
I'm hoping this one turns out the same. I love everything about this game except the bullet penetration and the lag. I can deal with the spawns.
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