In terms of Multiplayers to date.

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4 years ago#61
CoD 4 > BO 1 > MW2 > WaW > BO 2 > MW3
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4 years ago#62
cod2 then cod4, then the rest. can't beat Carentan yo.
4 years ago#63
CoD 2 > CoD 4 > MW2 > BO2 > WaW > BO >>>>> CoD 3 >>>>>>>>>>>>MW3
4 years ago#64
I only got into CoD from BO1. so....

BO2 = BO1 >>>>>> MW3.

I played MW2 a little at a friends before I got BO1. Hated it, just like I did MW3.
4 years ago#65
Not changing till Manchester United win the Superbowl
Started 15/11/12
4 years ago#66

I hate Modern Warfare 3 with a PASSION!
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4 years ago#67
MW2> MW1 > BO2> W@W > MW3 > BO.

I found BO incredibly boring. Respawn knew what they were doing barring a few things. 3arc did better this time than in BO. I hated the clone guns and little penalty for picking ghost in tdm.
4 years ago#68
boobizzy23 posted...
Garrafan posted...

Never played WaW

lol your a fool. let me guess, you love to play zombies.

Why is he a fool? I agree with his preferences completely, never played waw...never played zombies on blops either...i just prefer blops to the mw series. If anyones a fool its you, for being such an ass over an opinion.
4 years ago#69
4 years ago#70
*sigh* been playing too much Borderlands >_>
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