ok so its time for facts MW2 > COD4 > BO > BO2 > MW3 > WAW

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User Info: TecmoB0

4 years ago#51
mw2 > cod4 > mw3 > bo > waw > bo2
treyarch shouldn't be allowed to make toast, let alone cod

User Info: xBrokenxHalox

4 years ago#52

Haven't decided where BO2 will go.

User Info: singhellotaku

4 years ago#53
4 is horribly overated, and waw was great, i'd say mw2---bo2---bo---waw----cod4---cod3--------------------------------------mw3

User Info: huerito323

4 years ago#54
My opinion is going to make people angry. But here it goes:


I don't care if you mention how unbalanced MW2 is. To me, it's all about fun factor and MW2 was a blast to play. Maybe if you guys weren't such try hards, you would enjoy the game and just have fun.

WaW and COD4 is a tie. The first Black Ops was garbage. BO2 can easily go up on the list, but still too early. So far, I'm really enjoying it.

User Info: Obviousss

4 years ago#55
From: StealthClown | #019
COD4 > MW2 > BO1 > BO2 > MW3 >>>>> feces >>>>>>>>>>>>W@W

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User Info: aDomination

4 years ago#56
WaW was one of the best i thought.
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User Info: Obtik

4 years ago#57
CoD 4 > BO2 > BO1 > WaW > MW2 > MW3
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User Info: PS360gamer

4 years ago#58
MattVSin posted...
My opinion:

COD4 > BO1 > MW2 > WAW > MW3

I haven't played enough of BO2 to provide a ranking yet.

agree with this except I would switch MW3 and MW2, I absolutely hated MW2.

User Info: harale8671

4 years ago#59
You left out the best one so your rankings are worthless, Call of Duty 2.

User Info: Terror_and_Love

4 years ago#60
If WAW is anywhere near the end of your list. It says something about your skill. Or perhaps the lack there of.


COD4>WAW> Then any others. Anything else is just showing you as the fraud you are.
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  3. ok so its time for facts MW2 > COD4 > BO > BO2 > MW3 > WAW

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