Custom emblems really let you see how uninspired so many players are.

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Semi-Automatic posted...
_Moron_ posted...
this is Call of Duty, not some beatnik hippie art show.

Says the guy with no creativity. And what are you good at? Probably paying for girlfriends dinner and a movie before she routinely dumps you like all other chumps.

Yeah? And what's your emblem, Mr. CreativeArtist sir?
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TecmoB0 posted...
i put as much time into my emblem as treyarch did on this game

heheheh.. good one.
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Right now, since not much of the emblems are open, I just have a skull, with a biohazard Symbol ( thats been made a bit see through ), and a Black Ops 2 patch, thats more see through.. However, the Skull has been tweaked to look pretty evil..
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I have a big green tent cuz I camp.
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First thing I did once I could, I made this (It took a bit of reworking, though, so it's not a full copy.) Kind of a ***** to make, actually.
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I had a really cool one in black ops 1 but right now it is just a skull with a handle bar mustache. The problem is in this game you have to unlock everything so it is harder to be creative this early on.
#47diebuster2Posted 11/16/2012 8:08:07 PM
Made a simple slenderman emblem which I like. :)
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I would rather spend time in the corner camping all day instead of making an emblem. Oh wait..I already do that :)
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I made the TARDIS from Doctor Who on mine. Check it put tell me what you guys think.
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TecmoB0 posted...
i put as much time into my emblem as treyarch did on this game

about two years then? it must look awesome, please let me see it :)