it kinda sucks that this game's netcode is so unbelievably bad

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zeppo_basic posted...
Don't blame the game for you weak connection, cough up the cash for better internet buddy.

You obviously don't know much about lag compensation.
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urboror posted...
This reminds me of kids playing guns yelling "I got you first!" "No you didn't!" Which I guess is exactly what it is, except you're using words like "netcode."

lmfao. just saw this.
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Yup, same here. Its a shame too, because content-wise I think the game is great with diverse weapons and the pick 10 system. But the inability to consistently win a gunfight where you have the advantage really kills it.
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#14snakeyes01Posted 11/17/2012 10:21:36 AM
i'm thinking bout selling the game i really can't take this s**t any longer. How can they f**k up this bad ?
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Another thing that really grinded my gears about the game, was actually trying to connect to online. I had to try several times to actually connect to the servers. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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Moody_Droid posted...
it's also pretty frustrating to be getting shot, get around a corner and then about a full second later dying to the person even though on your screen you were out of his line of sight, and then on the killcam you watch him shoot you and when you die you're maybe a foot away from getting around the corner

i know the killcams aren't accurate but the difference between what happens on your screen and what the game actually thinks happens are significantly different and it ruins the game.

All of my hate. Happens all the time.
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snakeyes01 posted...
i'm thinking bout selling the game i really can't take this s**t any longer. How can they f**k up this bad ?

The first Black Ops had terrible hit detection and lag for the first week. It got significantly better after that. I'd give it a while longer. At this point in the life cycle of Homefront I don't think I'd managed to even connect to a server and play the game. Oh, for mandatory open beta's...
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It's because it's a cheaply made game. They just shove the components together, do little to no testing, and then release the game.

Some people seem to be under the delusion that Treyarch are in some way "better" or "more community oriented" than IW. Err... no, they are not. They want your cash, and that is all.

Screw the players that have decent connections! All that matters are those players that can't even host a 12 player game without it timing out!
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Sticky requested.

Played last night with lerthyr and a few others everything you mentioned happened to me...f***ing awesome bro.