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4 years ago#61
4 years ago#62

Pretty much the same as my blops emblem but all the extra layers let me add texture.
4 years ago#63
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4 years ago#64

4 years ago#65
4 years ago#66
From: _Xymemaru_V | #260
lots of Adventure time, what about regular show?

Regular Show emblems are difficult, the only one I'd go for right now would be Pops :x
4 years ago#67
Taken straight from the CoD Elite site

Or if you really want the in-game thing...
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4 years ago#68
Mine is a white circle. Inside it says "My emblem is a circle".
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4 years ago#69
From: 0PTICS | #064

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4 years ago#70
Scape13 posted...
Here's mine. Tried to make an LA Galaxy crest. Took a while since I don't have much unlocked to use. Could have made it better but ran out of layers. Could probably save on some once I unlock the Text. Sorry, bad quality pic.

which is supposed to be this....

where is that shield under? I looked everywhere for it
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