WTF is the deal with not being able to use dragonfire at this location

#1Keyboard7Posted 11/17/2012 1:45:12 PM
OKay so i got one dragonfire streak deployed it, and thatone got destroyed, after about another 5 mins i got another dragonfire streak in the same match, i ran around the whole map (outside of buildings) AND IT WOULDNT LET ME USE MY STREAK FOR THE REST OF THE GAME. I'm so pissed i posted it on gamefaqs, has this happened to anyone else. I mean there shouldnt be glitchs with a 1500 point killstreak.
#2okazenPosted 11/17/2012 1:49:18 PM
did you try at other area of the map, some area you cant deploy it if something is in the way. And what mode was it , how was your last dragonfire destroyed?
#3RUNwhenCOPScomePosted 11/17/2012 1:50:20 PM
Sometimes it glitches and doesn't let you use it at all. Trust me I've got one in the first 20 secs of a dom game and it didn't let me use it at all. Now I'm using UAV, hunter killer and the lightning strike.
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#4Crashes86Posted 11/17/2012 1:50:50 PM
Omg I thought it was just me, I just ran around constantly trying to use it when finally it worked and I was standing in the open of all places hut oh well...
#5_henry14_Posted 11/17/2012 1:52:54 PM
it happened to me earlier on meltdown. it repeatedly said that it couldn't be used in the location. what map was you on?
#6Keyboard7(Topic Creator)Posted 11/17/2012 2:49:50 PM
#7Deathx113Posted 11/17/2012 2:53:00 PM
Happened to me on Nuketown, 3 times, same match >_>

Broken game is borken.
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#8ZeroV2Posted 11/18/2012 7:14:47 PM
Searched Dragonfire, found this, same thing with me
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#9laidiesmann24Posted 11/18/2012 7:25:36 PM
Yep. On Yemen.
#10Ollie The Magic BumPosted 11/18/2012 7:26:48 PM
Yeah. It's a known glitch. That one douchebag guy on Twitter already said they're working on a patch for it.
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