The sightlines and map designs are a disaster. Pick 10 may actually be as well

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Afghan_Whig777 posted...
After really getting my hours into this, I'm hating the game more and more despite really wanting to love it

The sightlines are a disaster in this game. There's far too many flankable routes, along with very few power positions in this game. There's tons of crannies and nooks, but many of them have a very limited view of things

The simple truth is, people simply don't have eyes in the back of their head, almost every area in this game has 8 different directions you can be shot from.

The maps are far, far too tight and small, so of course the smgs are dominating by far, and I think the smgs are benefiting too much now as a result from the perk as a result from the pick 10 system

In order to balance this, Tryearch incorporated a massive amount of headglitch spots to sit in the back in order to counter the smg styles

I'll give it to Tryearch, they put a lot of thought into this game, if you're still good, you're good, just not as great as you used to be, if you're bad, you're bad, but they really put a lot of thought into leveling the field for the skilled and unskilled

I won't go into lag compensation, but a lot of us can agree it's worse than ever, or at least as bad as when MW3 first came out

The spawns are a big problem too, which I'm not sure can be fixed

Hit the nail on the head TC, The maps are probably the worst in the series. Like you said, At almost any spot on the map you can be shot from almost every angle. It sucks because like you I really wanted to like the game but I just don't and the maps are the main reason.
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From: FinalWolf | #034
Oh and the people spawning behind you? I think you mean people on your team pushing the spawns trying to get their k-9 units/swarms.

People play this game like all the other cods and it's obviously not working.

lol the things people come up with are incredible
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supercoolisaac posted...

At least elaborate
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Lol at people making excuses " I can't spawn trap people to get my brain dead kills so the games is horrible"
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"Spawns aren't that bad..."

Start Hijacked.
Rush inside first building with team.
Move to second floor, Wait.
Notice enemies dying.
Move to balcony over looking your first spawn point.
Enemies, Enemies everywhere.

And this isn't even the worse example, Just the easiest to replicate.
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Takuru posted...
Afghan_Whig777 posted...
There's far too many flankable routes

Good, campers can't hide now and you are forced at actually move through the map with your team.

Afghan_Whig777 posted...
along with very few power positions in this game.

Good, camping is stupid.

The point of removing camping and ghost was getting rid of the people who sat in dark corners

There's a huge difference in defending your position and controlling power positions with high traffic

Camping does not equal hiding. Especially if I go for the objectives and then want to defend it

As it stands, the average person is running around like a chicken with no head in narrow passages with smgs and every which way being risky. Don't even get me started on lag compensation, its atrocious, I dread 1 on 1 fights at close/medium range.
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FinalWolf posted...
Lol at people making excuses " I can't spawn trap people to get my brain dead kills so the games is horrible"

Spawn trapping isn't the issue, the other 50 things I pointed out which you ignored are
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Winja_Niener posted...
I wonder why this game brings out all these people that must share their opinions that say the game is bad. New and exciting. Move along folks.

No I like the game actually but it's people like you that take constructive criticism about their favorite game as a personal attack for some reason that eliminates any chance for a mature discussion in this thread.
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Agreed with you TC. But I'm still enjoying the game never the less.
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