Old Wounds Challenge Help

#1FallenGraygonPosted 11/18/2012 4:13:30 PM
Hey guys, hoping I can get some advice here from someone who has completed this challenge.

I'm attempting to get all of the challenges in the third mission of the game, "Old Wounds." This is the mission in the Afghanistan desert. I've gotten all of them except the challenge to "Destroy enemy helos (x4) at North Pass."

So, at first I thought the North Pass was where the ammo cache is, where you have to get off your horse and climb into the mountains while guys shoot at you from bridges. Right when you get there, three helicopters fly in, followed by a fourth which drops off some more enemies. Several times now I've destroyed all four without the challenge unlocking.

Since that hasn't been working, I figured maybe the North Pass was just the area right outside the base, where you have to shoot down several marked helicopters (four, I believe) and two tanks. Well, once again, I shoot all of these down and the challenge never unlocks. I think I read somewhere that this is the correct place, and that you have to shoot them down before they reach the base. Still doesn't work for me. I've even tried hopping on the truck's MG and shooting them down, but no luck.

Anyway, it's getting tiresome redoing this mission so many times, what with all of the dialogue and really very little action. I've looked through many different websites for an answer, but none helped any more than the game simply telling me to do it. Again, I'm hoping someone here has done this challenge and can help me out, and that it isn't glitched for me. Oh, side note, I've done the mission on both veteran and regular, to no avail.

In a nutshell, I suppose my question is what am I doing wrong, and what is the correct way to do this challenge? Thanks guys.