New way to back out of a one sided game. Won't get you temp banned!

#1NekoEspiritoPosted 11/18/2012 5:52:44 PM
My friends and I joined a Dom game in progress but our team was getting hosed.

One of us fiddled around and got out and didn't get banned! We tried it too after he left and none of is did either. Treyarch must have missed this in their coding or something.

First, hit the "Start" button (weird right?), then go down to this hidden option "Leave Game." Upon selecting this, you exit and don't have to deal with bad game situations.

Share it with others but I expect they're going to notice this eventually and patch it or something. Peace out One Love.
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I lol'd.
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One love, star. I n' I appreciate this, seen? F*** Babylon.
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