The best and/or your fave guns?

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I've never been a fan of shotguns in CoD but I really like the 870. I've usually developed a 'gun crush' at this point already but none of the more utilitarian guns are standing out to me.

Did you ever try a silenced SPAS 12 in Black Ops? By far THE best gun in that game. 870 is nice, but not nearly as good.

Lolo no.

Silenced SPAS had weak range and damage. ARs crapped all over it.

You're delusional.

I had 75,000+ kills with the silenced spas. I crapped all over everybody with that godly weapon.

Hell yeah dude. Don't remember how many kills I had but it was 10's of thousands for sure. Almost felt like cheating sometimes.
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#22Moose_Of_WoePosted 11/19/2012 4:27:25 PM
Least favorite gun: 30mbs down/10mbs up

Favorite gun: 5mb down/516kb up
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Moose_Of_Woe posted...
Least favorite gun: 30mbs down/10mbs up

Favorite gun: 5mb down/516kb up

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used to be the PDW now its the Scorpion EVO, beast of a weapon
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So far my favorites are:

R870 MCS
Chicom CQB
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I discovered I really like the Chicom! Discovered how awesome it is during Gun Game and now I wanna use it all the time.

And does anyone here have tips for using the Ballista? I can't seem to get the hang of it.
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So far, I am enjoying the PDW-57 right now. It reminds me of other SMGs like UMP45 and AK-74u but still, it takes too many bullets to kill but I just got use to it. But I do have my eyes on the Chicom CQB and Skorpion EVO. I don't have those unlocked but those look like beastly SMGs too.
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