So then, how many levels did you grind on Double XP?

#31fatclemenzaPosted 11/19/2012 7:03:17 AM
0/49 to 2/26
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#32BaseballtitanPosted 11/19/2012 7:06:05 AM
I'm mostly through my second prestige. I'm gonna take a week or two off or so just to hope that they tweak some stuff in mp before I try this game again.
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#33AtomskVIIPosted 11/19/2012 7:43:04 AM
Two prestiges and level 30 something. About 26 hours played over the weekend. (Not doing that again)
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#34xBrokenxHaloxPosted 11/19/2012 7:44:41 AM
Level 28-30 I think.
#35motoraptorPosted 11/19/2012 7:46:03 AM
No-prestige 47 to 3rd prestige 38. Just a hell-load of Nuketown and killing.

Yeah I played a lot but also had like 5000+ score in most matches
#36foodeater4Posted 11/19/2012 8:22:39 AM
I went from level 50 to prestiege one level 47
#37GRTooCoolPosted 11/19/2012 8:26:57 AM
Went from Level 25 to Level 54.

Didn't really "grind" though. Just played my normal 2-3 hours a night with friends.
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#38IronMonkey008Posted 11/19/2012 8:30:41 AM(edited)
Got to 4th

Was 1st just before double XP and got one each day of double XP, pretty easy to do but so sick of Nuketown now lol. Don't think I will ever play it again unless they ever do another double XP.

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#39thebest99Posted 11/19/2012 8:39:03 AM
I went from level 30 to level 34
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#40wugeezyPosted 11/19/2012 8:45:14 AM
gOwCoD4 posted...
Meh. Went from 29 to 41 with it. I'm not a cod-fanatic like most of the people on this board.

This. Though for me it was 22-40.