Nuketwon is one of the worst CoD maps why the fuse?

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  3. Nuketwon is one of the worst CoD maps why the fuse?

User Info: velvet_hammer

4 years ago#1
and why was this picked as a fan favorite? This map is up there with hichjacked and carrier levels of crappy ness
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User Info: zxrax_alt_1

4 years ago#2
Go back to elementary school and learn to write properly.
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User Info: Mander1861

4 years ago#3
People who enjoy constant gunfights and proper spelling disagree.
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User Info: hollow-sasuke

4 years ago#4
"My eyes red cause of all that hate" @_@

User Info: Astro_B0mb

4 years ago#5
Cause cod kids dont like "big" maps.
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User Info: BeastlyIguana

4 years ago#6
TC probably likes Downturn.
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User Info: Derwood

4 years ago#7
Because it's fun as hell
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User Info: bagmup

4 years ago#8
It's still better than most of the normal rotation maps we have now?
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User Info: Diminisher

4 years ago#9
Ha Nuketown, Hijacked and Carrier crappy? Sell your console.

User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#10
Wow, you listed all of my favorite maps in this game as your least favorite maps. But you have your reasons.
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  3. Nuketwon is one of the worst CoD maps why the fuse?

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