Shotguns will never be decent again, they reached its peak in MW2 / rant

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3 years ago#21
ich3ro posted...
Your whole rant is compared to MW2... You want shotguns as secondarys, you want better hit detection. Doesnt that just tell you to go back and play MW2 then??

I do.

After try every CoD after MW2 I flawlessly return to it every time, it was the last decent and fun to play CoD
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3 years ago#22
My only beef with shotguns, and I use them as primaries no matter what COD I'm playing, is that I have to 'RE-LEARN them every freakin time. You'd think after 7 games, they'd stick with what worked, instead of changing it up every game.
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3 years ago#23
From: Cosmic_Coyote | #019
Shotguns shouldnīt be Primaries.

They were balanced in MW2 when they were secondaries and every other shooter out there with brains have shotguns as secondaries.

Snipers by default (or any long ranged weapon user) can have both long range and CQC with the akimbo guns that kills faster and in a more reliable way than any shotgun.

But what about Shotgun users?

My options are limited to:

a) Be a camper in a corner waiting for someone to pass and get shoot in the back.

b) Run outside like a moron to be killed over and over by long range weapons before I even have the chance to shoot back, because maps are horribly done and are not flank friendly. (even worse if you consider MW2 Marathon pro or commando pro donīt exist anymore and you run like 2 ft. with "extreme condition" before you get tired so you canīt even cover terrain effectively or outrun enemies, and even worst if you take in count the UAV spam, so people always knows where are you coming from)

c) Waste a wildcard to have 2 primaries.

Sounds like your problem is being bad with Shotguns.
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3 years ago#24
Cosmic_Coyote posted...
it was the last decent and fun to play CoD

Blub blub.
3 years ago#25
Every freaking FPS except Gears and TF2 has shotguns as a primary.

And YES, you are supposed to camp with them, they're made for defending objectives. Or, you can run around sneaky and kill people that way (while in conjunction using your primary), but that's a little less effective.
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3 years ago#26
What the hell? The R870 is like the best weapon in the game. Constant 1HK's, even from many meters away.
3 years ago#27
You don't even need long barrel to make the Blopsii shotguns good. Aiming down sights is your best bet, especially with the Saiga-12. I've never seen close range hitmarkers when aiming straight at a guy. If they're partially in the crosshairs I will, because only some of the pellets hit them. That is how shotguns work.
If you get hitmarkers, all it takes, with the Remington, is another shot & the kill is achieved.
I use shotguns extensively & do pretty well with them, close to what I do with SMGs.
And the Blops shotguns were very usable. My best games were with the SPAS-12.
3 years ago#28
Is this a joke? Shotguns as secondaries is one of the worst things COD has ever done. It's up there with OMA/DC

It encourages EXTREME forms of camping. Scavenger replishes betties and shocks, it'd be a disaster to try and charge a camping enemy with all those and his shotgun


Sure, until he has FJ and Tac mask

What was the point of smgs when everyone had shotguns and dual glocks? The only reason the UMP was used was because it acted like an AR with smg properties

It makes everyone too well rounded. Everyone shouldn't have a setup for every situation

Snipers=godlike at range
AR=king of mid distance, good at close range, decent at far range
SMG=Great close range, decent mid range, bad far range
Shotgun=S tier close range, bad mid range, unusable at long

A secondary shotgun eliminates every primary gun's weakness

No thanks. Get better at the game, TC
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3 years ago#29
ICantNameGud posted...
DragonisLeonhart posted...
shadowsofdawn posted...
I have 75,000+ kills with the spas 12 in BO1, and had ~2.5 KDR with it. THAT was the best shotgun ever featured in a cod title.

MW2 Spas-12 and pre-nerf akimbo 1887s say hello.

Pre-nerf akimbos yea, but the spas-12 in MW2 couldn't get a silenced quadkill, now could it?

In MW2, I didn't have to worry about a silencer or a million hit markers to get that quad kill. Hell, the MW2 and MW3 Striker were better than the BO silenced Spas.
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3 years ago#30
Its hard to balance shotguns when the AR's and Submachineguns (carbines) are laser beams with TTK's in the split second region.

Come to think of it its hard to make a viable MP experience in a game with no skill differential.
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