Shotguns will never be decent again, they reached its peak in MW2 / rant

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MK_God posted...
Remember the Model 1887 days in MW2 before they got nerfed? Good times..good times.

1887 before the major nerf was a fun gun in mw2.
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From: Afghan_Whig777 | #039
Wait a second. Isn't there a wildcard that lets you have a primary gun as a secondary?

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Afghan_Whig777 posted...
Wait a second. Isn't there a wildcard that lets you have a primary gun as a secondary?

Wait a second... is true... you are my savior.... except I explained why this isnīt a real alternative in my first post that you obviously didnīt even bothered to red... why read if you can just give us your uninformed opinion right away
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How many times do I need to say that you are bad with shotguns before you get it?

And i love your "undeniable proofs" and "outsandingly valid arguments" about the matter.... oh wait you hadnīt exposed any... how come?

Because there's no use in arguing with you. There's plenty of people in this topic alone, myself included, who have done really well with shotguns in games after MW2. But you ignore those posts and keep ranting on about how a shotgun user can't fight at range. No duh they can't. a properly balanced SMG can't either but you don't seem to have a problem with them. The problem is that you are running through wide open spaces with a shotgun and then crying when you get killed for your lack of skill.
I do not aim with my hand, I aim with my eye. I do not shoot with my hand, I shoot with my mind. I do not kill with my gun, I kill with my heart.
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I have some serious hit detection issues with shotguns in this game... It seems random at times when they will work... And shotguns should have range options... That's what rifled slugs are for... I liked the option to have shotgun slugs in games like bad company 2... The shotguns in rainbow six Vegas 2 are a perfect example of what shotguns should behave like.

And yes having shotguns as secondarys was boss in MW2 and they were just a tad more consistent I feel in that game too..
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I have 75,000+ kills with the spas 12 in BO1, and had ~2.5 KDR with it. THAT was the best shotgun ever featured in a cod title.

MW2 Spas-12 and pre-nerf akimbo 1887s say hello.

MW2 spas was pump and would get you killed if you ran into 3 or 4 decent enemies at once. 1887 was broken pre-patch. Broken is very different than good.
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you don't know how to navigate through maps if you think shotguns need to be secondaries.
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I'll give this game credit in that shotguns don't quite need to be secondarys secondary pistols are finally an effective medium range weapon
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Cosmic_Coyote posted...
Black Ops 1 turned shotguns into primaries and featured nothing but garbage like shotguns that were a hitmarker feast in combination with the horrible hit detection and lag of that terrible game, with the Olimpia being the only barely usable against really unaware enemies.

MW3 continued with the B/S, the Spas12 was a mere shadow of itīs former self, shotguns were secondaries again (in a game with wide open maps, forcing you to play with Overkill+ long range primary weapon if you wanted a chance of survival), the striker was somehow usable but very unreliable in comprison to ANY other choice that could kill you in 1 hit from anywhere even in CQC, when you would get nothing but hitmarkers at pointblank.... and not happy with that B/S they removed akimbo and itīs amaizngly cool looking reload animation for the Models, it was a very stupid move.

Now BLOPS2 have Shotguns as secondaries AGAIN, thing are "better" with long barrel + laser sight or at t he very least with ADS, but the constant hitmarkers at close range still makes me rage, when any SMG or Sniper can OHKO you in CQC all the time, flawlessly.... Some shotguns are "usable" like the first one but WTF with the M1216?? it reloads with bullets STILL IN the clip.. and of course donīt kill for *****.

Is not fair, is not reasonable, is not balanced, Shotguns should be super effective at CQC, and ineffective at long range and mildly lethal at short range.

Also Shotguns should be SECONDARY weapons... or what am I supposed to do? hide in big maps and camp in a corner waiting for someone to pass by and shoot him in the back (praying to not get a hitmarker), specially in big maps with semi permanent UAV spam, where I know the first second i pull out my head outside a sniper or a SMG user will decimate from afar without having the chance of fighting back?

Also what happened with the badass looking shotguns of MW2? we get nothing but horrible shotguns that looks like we are still in W@W, but without the SSStylish look of the Models

P.S.- I have a great connection and I always have full bars.... I know hitmarkers are not a problem in my end

Did you just say that both MW3 and Blops2 has shotguns as secondaries? Because that's what I read here. Anyway, you obviously don't know what you're talking. Nothing you have said has shown an ounce of logic as to why SGs are bad in this game. You obviously don't know how to properly use a SG or you wouldn't have a problem. If I can use the KSG or the R870 on turbine and be in the top 3 in both caps and K/D in domination, without camping, then they cant be that bad. Just learn to SG and stop crying.
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TC, I'm awful at this game and even I can do well with shotguns on every map. The only shotgun that is kind of broken is the KSG and that is only due to the crappy hit detection not the weapon itself. In fact, my top three weapons are the 870, m1216, and the S12 which is just baffling to me considering how good the SMGs are.

Typically I can find a case for people claiming a particular weapon is great only because they can do well with it and a lot of times the weapon brag/praising topics are just that.

With that said, the shotguns, in their intended roles, are pretty good in this game when compared to their previous incarnations from the other recent CoD games. They can and do compete very well with the SMGs in CQC with is something I couldn't say about the MW3 shotguns at all.

The key is using them in their intended role. None of the maps outside of Turbine have lines of sight that aren't avoidable and even that map is partially workable if you stick to the bunker. There are a ton of flank routes in every map in this game and because of that the shotguns are viable choices. Even the super weak m1216 is balanced since it can pop off the four shots in rapid succession to make up for its weak damage. The 870 has huge OSK potential, and the S12 is a great intermediary shotgun that is kind of in the middle. The KSG is decent in mid rang but honestly I have had a huge issue with it thanks to the crappy hit detection. ADS is key for the 870, KSG, and the S12 while the m1216 is a "from the hip" machine.

In any event, the shotguns in this game are pretty good for their intended roles and honestly I'm having a great time with them. I can only imagine TC that you just aren't using them properly. They have their intended roles and all of the maps are pretty much shotgun maps for me and honestly they compete pretty well if played to their strengths.
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