Why do MW3 and BO2 have the worst maps in series history?

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All those boiled down to having the action concentrated in a small area of the map. Comparable to MW3 sizes at least.

Herp a derp opinion.

You could not be anymore wrong about Afghan. Seriously, the people that post stupid stuff like this have most likely never played the game this year or last year. Afghan has action everywhere, most notable the caves, bunkers, near B dom, and the flank routes going around the cave and into C dom.

most of the maps mentioned are very good on ground war, but are pretty bad on other modes with smaller teams. alot like most world at war maps IMO...they were terrible...unless you played ground war, and then they were awesome.

COD4 and Black Ops had the best maps imo, good for basically every playstyle. im a bit disappointed in these maps, almost of all of them favor short-ranged weapons. shotgun and smgs become easy mode compared to other weapon choices (which is sad, because i love the lmgs in this game, but dont even use them that often).
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For maps,

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I liked most of the MW2 maps tbh (except Rust and Traileryard) ... i don't get the hate for Estate and Derail eiter i really liked them

MW3s default maps were kind of a let down to some extent, but with time i actually grew to like some of them ... the DLC had some neat maps too imo ... i especially love the Oasis/Foundation/Sanctuary pack ... BlackBox, Piazza and Overwatch are nice too ... and Offshore is pretty amazing imo. Still there are the good old memories of MW2 maps ... well there's Terminal ... i do like Terminal

Tbh i can't recall a BO1 map i really liked ... didn't bother with DLC either i just hated the game too much.
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