My complaints.

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4 years ago#11
I'm hungry.
Other people need to use this ladder.
4 years ago#12
Bump for flapjacket
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4 years ago#13
I understand why everyone says enemy footsteps need to be buffed now. You can hear your teamates stomping around all the way down the hall, but you can't hear the enemy running right behind you desperately trying to get a kill with his combat knife lol
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4 years ago#14
A flapjacket sounds like a luxury fashionable item. Flapjacket: Too delicious to explode

If you don't like getting blown up by equipment or traps, there's FJ, or Engineer. I like to outfit my Engineer classes with a Black Hat... nothing like killing a camper with his own Betty after hacking it through a wall.

Snipers aren't OP. They're pretty much spot-on. They need that one shot kill because AR and SMG users have much more freedom when it comes to map movement.

There's aspects of BO maps that I liked and aspects of BO2 maps that I like.

Can't really comment on Zombies since I haven't had time to play TranZit yet...
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4 years ago#15
HeartPirates posted...
PharoahPelican posted...

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