TIP: Get a BIG pic of your CUSTOM EMBLEM via CoD Elite Link! (No TV Pics)

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Thanks TC, I don't have my copy right now nor can I send cell emails so I was trying to figure out how I would show my friend my emblem.

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Mine's dumb, but that's why I like it
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Thanks for this.
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Mine looks ok on the TV as far as things lining up is concerned so I am going to be lazy and not fix it.

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From: GameCubeFan2002 | Posted: 11/21/2012 7:48:48 PM | #036
Tribute to OwnagePranks (only 3 people in game have recognized it so far):


Oh hey, I've actually seen that guy on YT. So make that 4 if you want to include me.
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Macdaddyruss1 posted...
Here is mine thanks!


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PercySJ posted...
Want to know how to get your currently equipped custom emblem's link to post so it looks like this?

...that is my currently equipped emblem that I created in game.

To get yours, simply do the following steps:

1) Log into your CoD: Elite account from your PC.

2) Click on your User Name in the upper right portion of the screen to take you to your "Player HQ" (screen with all your stats) or just go to the following link once you're logged in:

3) Right-click on the small emblem and select properties to get the image URL. It will initially be something like this:

4) Change the default "40" to any number you want (the larger the number, the bigger the pic) and also change the "svg" after "imgtype=" to "png".

5) Share the link!

The link that you use will automatically refresh to your current emblem if you were to change your emblem in the game, so be aware of that.

TC I just wanted to post to THANK you! I am going to enjoy this.
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Looks Nice and Sharp :3
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Here are my first batch. Some look better in game and the L looks worse in game.

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Admiral_Xyes posted...
Here are my first batch. Some look better in game and the L looks worse in game.


Yea I derped and didn't post the album.