Played this for 5 days, went back to MW3, >>>> Crap Ops 2

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You feel like a skilled player because its nothing but numptys left playing MW3. Happens every year dude. All the kiddies who are waiting for Christmas are the only ones playing it.
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wishface posted...
Jpshadow08 posted...
Look you are a terrible troll. You are just saying mostly bs. Everyone who has played mw3 knows that lag comp is downright bad in mw3 and saying where you are shooting you are killing people. That is down right untrue, and if you have the so internet you said you would feel the lag comp as well. So i call you out on it tc you are a troll.

But 1/10 cause i posted

are you high?

No but you offering? Need something to help this rediculous shift at work fly by. If not then why even quote me and say something useless.
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MW3 is the worst one made so far, BO 2 kills MW3
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Masterchief5525 posted...
MW3 is the worst one made so far, BO 2 kills MW3

No, Treyarch failed, and you know it.
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All I remember from MW2 is:

-Javelin glitch
-Infinite Care package glitch
-Never ending ground war on Rust
-Unlimited noob tube/ammo
-Moon jump
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NeroXV posted...

I Can kill people fine in BO2 with no lag at all.TC please stop using Mcdonald's Wifi

If you have no lag at all, i'm guessing you're the one stealing Maccas wi-fi...
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RepublicanThug posted...
I think mw3 is the worst cod to date

Lmao at TC. This.
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RepublicanThug posted...
I think mw3 is the worst cod to date
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60yoc posted...
MW3 has great lag comp cos I do good in it.

Black Ops 2 has bad lag comp cos I do bad in it.

Worst/dumbest logic ever by future mcdonalds workers.

I do love MW3 tho its the best cod ever and the one with most replay value. Havent tried Strikeforce yet tho.

Are you dyslexic? I didn't say "BECAUSE I DO GOOD THUS NO LAG IN IT!" I said because there is no lag in the game, thus I do much better!

It's funny how I can do absolutely terrible in a BO2 match that's lagged out like crap, then switch over to Halo 4 with some friends, and get top of my team, and have a great time, where people aren't teleporting around. When I aim at people and shoot them a lot of times in the head, they die! Why can't this happen in BO2? Why do people just spaz out and leap across the room and you die within a second? Then to see the killcam of myself entering the room without firing a shot.. WHAT?!

BO2 sort of defeats the purpose of a "SHOOTER" type game. In shooters you shoot people at the most basic fundamental of gameplay, if the game fails at that aspect then it's trash. It's like a fighting game where you can't block attacks due to lag... So don't give me this crap that this game is good, it's near impossible for me to get ANY high killstreaks due to this nonsense mexican host connection which DCs randomly
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Masterchief5525 posted...
MW3 is the worst one made so far, BO 2 kills MW3

All I hear is "MW3 SO BAD! BO2 IS SO MUCH BETTER! BLAH BLAH!" But you never actually explain why.

MW3 has so much more content then BO2, the perks are much stronger, and the argument of it being "easier" to get kills, and unlock gun attachments is such a TRASH ARGUMENT in the first place. It's like saying a game that gets nerfed and down graded is superior because NOW it's harder to succeed? Really...? (You can't deny the BO2 just took old existing perks and chopped them up into little pieces, basically a massive nerf.)
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