This is how to get Deadshot Perk Permanently in Zombies

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4 years ago#1
This is for people who are having trouble unlocking permanent Deadshot Perk, seeing alot of people posting saying they cant unlock it.

Note: I am just calling it Deadshot because everybody else is calling it Deadshot. It does not work exactly like Deadshot in BO1! You can call this headshot bonus if you don't want to call it Deadshot. Read what this perk does in the Effects part of the guide.

To get the permanent Deadshot Perk:
You must get 2 headshot kills with 1 bullet, I am 100% positive this is how you get it.

-So to unlock this you have to be make sure you fire a SINGLE bullet and it hits 2 zombies heads and ALSO kills the zombies.

-If both zombies do not die you wont unlock it.

-Before attempting to get the double headshot kill make sure to get both zombies as low health as possible so they both die when you get the double headshot. If the two zombies are crawlers you don't need to lower their health anymore.

-Attempt the double head shot kill when you have two zombies left at the end of a round. Crawlers are the easiest because they don't move head so much.

-Do not wait till high wave, go for it on lowest wave possible while zombies still have very low health.


Step 1: Buy the M14 as soon as you can.
Step 2: Leave two zombies at the end of the round. (crawlers work best)
Step 3: Get the two zombies as low health as possible with your starting pistol, without killing the zombies.
Step 4: Line the zombies up with M14 and fire a SINGLE bullet and try your best to hit both heads.

If done correctly both zombies will be dead and have no heads, and you will see a green unlock effect upon killing the zombies. When you see this green unlock effect that meens you unlocked the permanent perk.

All zombies heads explode on death.
Also some believe it boosts headshot damage.

More Info

-How to test if you already unlocked it? If you have unlocked Deadshot Perk, every time you kill a zombie its head will explode, even if you shoot it in the leg a bunch of times, when it dies the head will explode.
-Permanent perks do not work if you are not connected to Xbox Live.
-Permanent perks stay with you forever once they have been unlocked.
-Permanent perks only work in Transit mode and will always work as long as your connected to Xbox live.
-I am just calling it deadshot, it does not work exactly like deadshot in BO1.

Current known permanent perks in Transit: Quick Revive, Deadshot, Steel Barricades

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4 years ago#2
Can you do this on Solo?
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4 years ago#3
You can do this Solo as long as you are connected to Xbox Live. Also permanent perks do not work when you are offline, you must be connected to Xbox Live for the perks to work.
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4 years ago#4
This doesn't unlock the perk, all it does is make it so every time you kill a zombie their head pops even if you knife them. It doesn't make your auto aim any stronger or improve hip fire like the perk would. The auto aim in this game is super strong right from the first time you play.
4 years ago#5
Yes I know this kinge, I went over this in the post. I am just calling it deadshot because that is what everybody is calling it. Call it headshot bonus or something if you don't want to call it deadshot.
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4 years ago#6
PSN: Silent-N-Deadly
4 years ago#7
Steel Barricades, eh? i'll have to look it up
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4 years ago#8
So you only have to do this once then you never have to do it again? Or do you need to do this to activate it evey game you play?
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4 years ago#9
mallow posted...
Steel Barricades, eh? i'll have to look it up

Yup just keep a zombie at the window repairing it and eventually you use steel girders instead of wood. It takes them longer to pull it off.
4 years ago#10
The permanent perks do not go away once unlocked you will always have them for use on Transit mode
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