so, 1 week ltaer: black ops 2 or mw3??

#71BOSS52Posted 12/1/2012 5:00:13 PM
MW3 had the most innovative addition to any COD ever... Specialist. Pick 10 doesn't have **** on it. I loved going into Super Soldier mode and going for those coveted MOAB's. No COD has ever been able to replicate the adrenaline rush you get from closing in on a MOAB. Nukes don't even compare since KS's are used to get people those. MOAB's were actually earned by the player, which is why they were infinitely more satisfying.

After some struggles in the beginning with MW3, I was holding 4-5:1 KD ratio monthly for the last 6 months of that game.

I'm starting to get up there in this game, but I miss the recon and hardline flashbang combo. And believe it or not, Support promoted a less campy playstyle, which a lot of times would help kill feed Assault and specialist users. As much as they would be the one's to complain about Support, they're the one's who actually benefited the most from it.

As for the weapons and as far as pure customization goes, yeah BO2 wins hands down. But I think IW can take some things from BO2 and come over the top with a superior product in MW4. BO2 is still fresh, MW3 has been played out, so obviously BO2 is going to have the edge when it comes to people making a decision on which game is better.
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MW3 was not a bad game,it was just boring and slow paced and with the lack of good map's made it even more boring,I would rather have smaller map's with a lot of action and shorter game's like Dome,NukeTown and Hijacked then a Downturn or Derailed.

The main reason why I like Blops 2 better then MW3 is the pick 10,I hated being forced to use items I did not want like Flash grenades and secondary weapon's making it more of class based game unlike Blops 1 were everyone ran AKu-47 or Famas with ghost and last stand,I see much more variety in Blops 2 then any other CoD to date which is the right step forward,bigger maps and bigger game types will come next gen.
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vote more!!
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hellooo?? i said vote more!!
when youre talking about dat ass, youre talking about my ass =p
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Black Ops 2 by a long shot.
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keep voting guys, were close to 1000 votes!

KittyHeartsAMan posted...

Youre not satisfied getting enough internet attention posing as a girl?

im not posing as a girl. i am a girl. not my fault you missed it when i posted pics of myself when i first came here

thinking back, i cant believe i did that. who knows who may have been stalking me till now

and in unrelated news, oh an i love my new 3ds
when youre talking about dat ass, youre talking about my ass =p
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Eh, the only thing i remember from when you first got here is you be trolling lol. i would be reading a topic, then a few post down someone goes "kitty heart topic move along". Didn't even realize it was your topic either tell then. pretty funny stuff.
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I'm getting a really creepy vibe from TC. Reallllly creepy.
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I hate both of them, Blops is where its at at.
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