Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops II is more of the same

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I guess thats true too, I'm afraid that the last part of my post sounds a little stupid now that i look at it
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Spartan ops (you mean spec ops, what mw 2 had? COD added zombies then added transit)
Halo added armor customizing (black ops also added customization)
Halo added theater (blops had theater and blops 2 has even better one)

Spec Ops and Spartan Ops are not the same.
The armor customization in Halo is nothing like your appearance being based off of perks.
Halo added theater before CoD4 came out.

Basically, learn your facts.

Basically read what I said. They are minor additions just like COD. What's the difference? But halo's theater is a major upgrade, and not COD, right?

Because Halo did it for YEARS before CoD did it.

You're not following what I'm saying. Halo did theater first, I get that, but it is just an addition to the game just how COD added spec ops and halo added Spartan ops. Sure, they are not identical, but Halo, basically, used the same idea.
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Look, guys, my point is not that COD did it first. What I am saying is that you guys are calling COD a rehashed game for only adding minor things/modes to the game, but yet the things that are listed in defense of halo and Battlefield are guilty of just that. How can anyone say that adding prone to battlefield and sprint to Halo a major upgrade. How can anyone say that adding Spartan Ops is a major upgrade. If you are going to criticize COD for adding different guns, perks, gadgets, game modes, and campaign--and not calling it a major upgrade-- criticize Halo and Battlefield for being guilty of the exact same thing.