Favourite overall gun feel? (From any CoD)

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User Info: outlawstar289

4 years ago#11
Wasn't a big fan of MW3 overall but I felt like I could do anything with the G-36C. What an amazing AR.
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User Info: cwatz12

4 years ago#12
Favorite gun in any cod? Scar-H from MW2. Lazerbeam with good damage (like all guns in that game) and better iron sights than a bloody red dot? Yes please.

However in my ideal world, the guns from black ops. They had more recoil - so they wouldn't be as good as say mw2 guns in comparison - but BO is by far the best game in the series because of its gunplay/maps.

Recoil and multi-ranged engagements meant you had to learn to control your gun, either by adjusting to the recoil, or by burst firing.

User Info: Linctagon7

4 years ago#13
COD M1 Garand
COD2 Trenchgun

User Info: typhone004

4 years ago#14
Cod4- Ak47
Mw2- Ak47
Black ops- Ak47
Mw3- Ak47
Black ops 2- M8A1, Mtar, Dsr-50, or R-870.

I want my damn ak47

User Info: sbooksta

4 years ago#15
Blops 1 - skorpion and galil. Skorpion for fun, galil for try-hard. Both felt soooooo good.

MW2 - ACR and RPD
MW3 - ACR but who cares because the game sucked
Blops 2 - So far the only gun I have taken to is the first LMG - already max prestige
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User Info: Aether_Lyric

4 years ago#16
CoD4 AK47 is the only answer

User Info: PositronCannon

4 years ago#17
The AK-47 in any game.

User Info: GRTooCool

4 years ago#18
WaW - Got this game because a friend told me to. I sucked real bad and barely played it... so I have no clue what I used.

MW2 - AK-47
BO - AK-47 (Didn't like it compared to MW2 but it was still my favorite.)
MW3 - PP90
B02 - MP7/MSMC - I rotate back and forth. Doesn't matter.
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User Info: supertomato_13

4 years ago#19
GT: Bobby Corwen PSN: SUPER-TOMATO_13
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User Info: DepreceV2

4 years ago#20
Red Dot FAMAS in MW2
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