What CoD did you have the most FUN in?

#31Homie_202Posted 11/24/2012 8:08:40 PM
CoD 4 is hands down the best one.
#32fizzle2222Posted 11/24/2012 8:23:36 PM
sonic_rockz posted...
FUN? Modern Warfare 2

Best CoD game? 4.

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#33Bosniak10Posted 11/24/2012 8:30:28 PM
MW2 was my fav of the modern stuff. Far after that is BO. The rest I don't like as much.
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#34TG_WolfPosted 11/24/2012 8:34:25 PM

I don't give a **** what anyone says, it was the most fun you could have in a MP FPS ever.

Right now only MW2 is worse than BO2. If the game isn't returned to a state similar to the pre patch/launch version then it will remain unplayable.

The patch is easily so far an excellent candidate for worst patch ever.
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#35Yo_ShankstaPosted 11/24/2012 8:35:58 PM
Call of Duty 4
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#36Diesel1488Posted 11/24/2012 8:36:01 PM
By far WaW
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#37mafiafunPosted 11/24/2012 9:32:38 PM
Call of Duty.
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#38mattman0101Posted 11/24/2012 9:37:55 PM
mw2 is my favorite just because of the sheer amount of time I had in it. I hadn't played since CoD2.
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#39The_Mighty_KELPPosted 11/24/2012 9:38:34 PM
For local, splitscreen multiplayer, I had the most fun in MW2. I was playing that before I had Xbox live and we had some crazy fun. Black Ops was my favorite online multiplayer, though.
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#40xghost15xPosted 11/24/2012 9:38:59 PM
Toss up between Cod4 and Mw2