What CoD did you have the most FUN in?

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User Info: foxop

4 years ago#71
WaW. Favourite CoD to date.
Gears of Halo 4: Black Ops II

User Info: SilentThief

4 years ago#72
Either CoD 2 or 4

User Info: singhellotaku

4 years ago#73
Definitely MW2 is was a fantastic broken mess, chaotic mayhem is hard to beat.

User Info: Saizen13

4 years ago#74
CoD 4. Anything with regular lag comp, not the garbage they use today. You know, back when you shot even on a 2 bar and your shots landed.

User Info: EmmaStone744

4 years ago#75

I was playing it a few days ago, and if you manage to get into a lobby with no OMA/Noobtubers ( difficult but still possible to do ) that game is a blast.

But unfortunately it doesn't last long, as there's always a moron who will join in session and start Noobtubing, thus everyone else in the lobby begins to do the same in response.

User Info: 8492nd_Squadron

4 years ago#76
CoD 3 & 4 are my fave.

User Info: EDMartyr

4 years ago#77

User Info: TheMilkman99

4 years ago#78
Definitely Call of Duty 4 for me. It's the first game I played Xbox LIVE for. I then had a blast playing the dying Call of Duty 2 afterwards, but Call of Duty 4 really stuck with me.
"mad cuz got black-jacked? I coined that, you all were here."
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User Info: JanwayDaahl

4 years ago#79
iiTryhard posted...
Mw2 no doubt. It isn't even debatable, MW2 was probably the most fun 360 game for me ever next to Halo 3


User Info: crondizzle

4 years ago#80
Black Ops 2 = Best video game EVER MADE.

I don't know how they do it, they just keep making CoD better every time.
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