What CoD did you have the most FUN in?

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4 years ago#91
best feature: Mute all except party
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4 years ago#92
CoD 4
The only current gen installment I actually enjoyed (to be fair it was pretty fantastic).
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4 years ago#93
Mw2 18 man rust FFA lobbies were the most fun I've had online gaming. Of all the crap they could have fixed in that game, why that?
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4 years ago#94
the 1st black ops & black ops 2 actually then early mw2 before it became only tubes and 1 man army...
4 years ago#95
There are a few that are worth mention.

WaW and BO are the winners. By far the best 2 games in the series in my opinion. Always had a blast, practically never got frustrated.

Cod 4 and MW2 get minor mention. Cod 4 for the "first time" and mw2 for the first week... ya know... before the game turned into a septic tank.
4 years ago#96
Call of Duty. The original PC one.
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4 years ago#97
W@W on PC
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4 years ago#98
MW2 is winning by a bit.
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4 years ago#99
w@w definitely, mw2 with friends
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4 years ago#100
cod 4 are WaW just seamed the was less bull sh*t
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