your KD ratio?

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4 years ago#121

And i am proud to say that Late Sunday night my KD was .99
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4 years ago#122
1.09. I just cannot at all for the life of me understand how to do well at this game. I've been above average at every other CoD, but I can't do anything in BO2.
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4 years ago#123
I'd post mine if I thought it actually mattered. Seriously, KD ratios mean nothing in this game.
4 years ago#124
3. something...I don't even know exactly...I don't really find this games MP to be very good...I enjoy games that don't have aim CS GO.
4 years ago#125
ummm... 1.06 IT!
4 years ago#126
1.3 K/D last i checked.

But im basically a COD noob that only started playing online a few days ago.

So for a noob i think im doing fairly well, considering im sure most the people im playing against are veterans of the series and are waaaay higher rank than me. Once i get more familiar with the game... im sure my K/D will climb, even though i never concern myself with K/D when playing, i just try to have fun.

I fully expected to have a much worse K/D, but i played a decent amount of halo reach... so i have a feeling that helped me out quite a bit.
4 years ago#127

I stink at video games. :D
4 years ago#128
1.27. Gt: JackRabit Slim. See guys, its not hard to show gts, even if your kd sucks.
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