your KD ratio?

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User Info: cburnham8

4 years ago#61

Still trying to get the hang of the game.

User Info: belieber

4 years ago#62
supercoolisaac posted...
belieber posted...
maoriwarrior posted...
I love how these guys with really high KD's never post their GT.



your sig is broken :'(

i forgot the .com!!

User Info: BigDong382

4 years ago#63
PSN: Dalien

User Info: nick8676764

4 years ago#64

User Info: FlacidSnake

4 years ago#65
As of last night: 1.31

About three days ago it was 1.11 so yeah, I'm improving my KDR quite consistently
GT: TrulyFlacid

User Info: singhellotaku

4 years ago#66
1.1 or so, I spend a lot of time screwing around with odd builds though, probably should be a bit better.

User Info: Hanslought

4 years ago#67
Anyone posting over 2.5 ratio and doesn't show gamertag it isn't true. Or even a 2 ratio.

User Info: AirRawr_

4 years ago#68
Hanslought posted...
Anyone posting over 2.5 ratio and doesn't show gamertag it isn't true. Or even a 2 ratio.

you seem pretty mad that people are better than you
this guy I_dont_die is trolling around this message board talking trash - ZEERO_04

User Info: Hanslought

4 years ago#69
Not at all. I can't play the game enough to get real good or anything. I just find it funny that people are saying 3.0 or 5.0 which I know aren't true. And I doubt many people have over 2.5. Is it really that much to ask for a gamertag for people claiming over 2.0?

User Info: ziadon

4 years ago#70
Mine is 0.65 so as you can tell I am the best player on these boards. Lol
XBL GT: crackerbiss

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