What's your K/D?

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4 years ago#11
My k/d is usually a 3. However it's a 2.4 on this cod. I'm getting my ass handed to me
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4 years ago#12
CobraKingKiller posted...
My k/d is usually a 3. However it's a 2.4 on this cod. I'm getting my ass handed to me

2.4 doesn't sound like you're getting your ass handed to you.
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4 years ago#13
2.9 because im camping like a douche
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4 years ago#14
about a 1.2 or so, I tend to get bored and play suicidally every 4th match or so though.
4 years ago#15
6.79 atm
4 years ago#16
1,15 here.

In the previous games it typically has been around 1.5, with 1.65 being my highest near the end of MW2 before BO. I also play aggressively for Dom and HQ points and CTF, so I die more frequently which I am okay with unless its TDM.

This game has been tough. Sometimes the lag and lag comp just effs me over, spawns haven't been too bad except for a few times. The SMG laser hip fire cheese isn't working for me. So many times I should have killed guys but it's like they don't get hit. Or getting sniped after I back around a corner.

The only guns that have been good to me are the M8, T25, 870 and Ballista. Oh and any pistol. The OP SMG's don't work for me go figure.
4 years ago#17
1.96 I think.
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4 years ago#18
I think I'm at 2.02 right now, but I've been hovering around 2-2.1 recently. The maps are so tiny and spawns are so scattered that it makes enemies appear all around you, making it super hard to go on long kill streaks. I was at a 3.5 in black ops and 4+ in mw3
4 years ago#19
TeRry_OrweLL posted...
6.79 atm

You gotta be careful when it comes to atm...
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4 years ago#20
1.34 Which is higher than My COD average (1.2-1.25) However this use to be 1.60 in the first week but has dropped recently and settle here.
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