What's your K/D?

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4 years ago#31
TeRry_OrweLL posted...
6.79 atm

Ecuse me for not believing you.
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4 years ago#32
~1.7 now. Its ben steadily rising since I stopped playing on carrier.
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4 years ago#33
was 2.2 last week now dropped down to 1.9 in TDM.
4 years ago#34
1.05 i play Domination
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4 years ago#35
KabtheMentat posted...
1.43 as of right now.

Which is on par for my CoD career. I typically hang around 1.4-1.6 KDR.

Mine too, I'm currently sitting at a 1.55
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4 years ago#36
Somewhere around 1.5 with a LOT of sticks and stones in there (since its the only fun thing in the entire game).

2.25 WaW
2.6 MW2
3.2 BO
2.5 MW3

Apparently I suck at call of duty now.

My w/l is still around 70% though, which is pretty much what it was in all the other cods (a little higher of course if you take out the leaving bad ping games).
4 years ago#37
ish0turfac3 posted...
TeRry_OrweLL posted...
6.79 atm

Ecuse me for not believing you.

^ This gentleman was so polite. But I can agree with him.
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4 years ago#38
vigorm0rtis posted...
FeelMyBlade posted...
0.12, something like that.

Why do I really doubt that?

Because you cannot do simple math and probability. All of the ones above 1.0 means that others must be below 1.0. Someone dies for every kill.
"the hell!?"
4 years ago#39
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4 years ago#40
this topics already been made.
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