Emblems i am sick of seeing

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Nevest posted...
I like mine.


You can't see the little flaws in game, just when it's blown up. =D

Eye of the Crimson King? Dude, if you were here I'd blow you. Not even joking.
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mine is a I heart camping emblem with a heart and a tent I get so much hate mail for it :)
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32 layers, kids. It's easy to come up with some pretty cool stuff:




Red Hood:




James Bond is somewhat okay.
Dead Pool is hugely, like, aggravatingly overrated and overly talked about. Has been for the last 7 years or so now.
I don't even know what that last thing is supposed to be.

James Bond is the promotional official Skyfall silhouette, so yeah. It's spot on, so you can attribute 'somewhat okay' to their graphic design. http://drink-brands.com/drinks/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/CokeZeroJamesBondSkyfall.jpg

Pool is fine; I read his book when I was in high school 10 years ago, and we made him for mugen back in '07 so he has a personal significance for me.

The last thing is one of 7-11's mascot characters here. http://pic.pimg.tw/lovecatmint/4a3c2171b1b07.jpg
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I made a big buff bust of some dude complete with ripped 6 pack, gold chain, sticknipples, and chest hair. Then I got called gay by someone with a wangpiece emblem.
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I have a dickfarm with a dickship blasting off into a naked chick and exploding on the word Elite. Yes there is a dolphin in the corner.

so great
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How do you have time to look and inspect emblems? I'm always switching out weapons and trying to find a gun that actually hits what I shoot/aim at.

In the pre game lobby, it takes literally 5 seconds to see everyone's emblem. That and you see peoples emblems when they call in scorestreaks and other stuff.

If it bothers you, don't look at their emblems. 99% of the time I'm doing something else other than scrolling through people's names.
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Bow that I have a bunch more stuff unlocked I think i might try to make CL4P-TP from Borderlands
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Now that you mention it, I haven't seen any of these in this game. They were all over the place in black ops 1

I saw a swasticka made of penises.
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I dunno why but I get stuck in lobbies with nasty emblems. My top 5 would be:
- Butt cheeks with a turd coming out and a hand yanking it
- A couple of very detailed wangs "sword fighting"
- A stick figure eating a turd with " and die " under it
- Very detailed eye being smashed
- A full text emblem that read " Grandma's do it better "

Anyways, my emblems are Butters from south park, Homer Simpson, and a skull with cross hairs over with BOOM! Headshot under it.
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I made my Pikachu on day one, and it is different from all the others I've seen, also converted it into a Raichu, so I feel exempt from this. That and my perfect (opinion) Thundercats logo.

I am sick of all the penises, poorly made nude women, MLP, and genrally immature or racist emblems.
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