Emblems i am sick of seeing

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User Info: jaoman9

4 years ago#71
What about 9-11 emblems i see way too many of those

User Info: TutelarSword

4 years ago#72
My emblem has none of that. It's just a seal (my French class makes lots of jokes about the French word for seal) and a kaleidoscope effect in the background with various light colors. I have never seen anything like that as someone else's emblem.
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User Info: moridin7632

4 years ago#73
I always look at peoples emblems in lobbies when I am waiting for a match to start. I love the creative or very cool looking ones. Especially if it looks like someone put some work into it. I always go in and like ones that interest me.

I saw one once that was two cars playing chicken with a dolphin in each one firing machine guns. There was something about it that was cool.

I actually have a few different emblems that I switch through occasionally:

Creeper face(not original I know, but I used in in black ops for awhile)

Random face with a monicle

A free willy parody using a dolphin jumping for freedom over a wall into shark infested waters.

Pac-man in a corner of his maze chasing three of the soldiers colored like the ghosts. At the time I made it, I hadn't seen any other pac men emblems, but now I see them all over the place, lol.
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User Info: AlaskanBlues

4 years ago#74
I have a Dragonball... :(

User Info: Neogenocide

4 years ago#75
golgo 13!

Oh well...
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User Info: manji

4 years ago#76
i play the wii u version and the most common ones i see are triforce, some kind of pokemon, ive seen yoshis, kirbys and things like that but its to be expected on a nintendo system. also see a lot of nintendo character names

User Info: khmermonkee

4 years ago#77
I made a lumpy space princess emblem from adventure time and I sometimes switch to the starry eyes meme face with a rainbow behind him.
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User Info: xNightWraithx

4 years ago#78
Well, glad I don't have any of those. I have a Finn from Adventure Time that I made myself.
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User Info: Amnesiac30

4 years ago#79
Everything on this channel
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User Info: lolnotlolnotlol

4 years ago#80
I made the A&M logo as a placeholder until I can think of something unique
GT: Unoriginal25
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