Lets see who here on GameFaqs has the best emblem (Here's how to show it)

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4 years ago#141
From: Loshadt | #102

It's real f***in Nito.

Dark Souls is instawin. I wanted to make Ornstein, but I'm not good enough :c
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4 years ago#142
More posts nao
4 years ago#143
Naruto one I just made
Still need to refine some stuff
And of course it looks better when it's not so big like most emblems

4 years ago#144
my dragon ball, it looks almost perfect =)

4 years ago#145

A few minor flaws, but they're invisible in-game.
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4 years ago#146
A lot of really creative/talented people in this thread. I'm amazed! People are using the shapes/layers/transparency settings so well...

Here's mine --- nothing amazing:

4 years ago#147
Mine: https://api.elite.callofduty.com//emblem/ps3/ecff4d2ce024f7ef8c0db0485f2c2796f2eaf0eb28a46e6c?size=400&title=ops2&imgtype=png
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4 years ago#148
This is the Goku I made.

4 years ago#149
Here is Plusle.


This Emblem may change though since I plan on making Beedle next.
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4 years ago#150
Jman, that emblem is so sick!
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  3. Lets see who here on GameFaqs has the best emblem (Here's how to show it)

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