Lets see who here on GameFaqs has the best emblem (Here's how to show it)

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Darklyte88 posted...
I just made this one today...


You lie! You posted the same one yesterday! =P

For some reason, the links you post from your elite account will all be the same emblem, even if it was different at some other point
It displays your current emblem

Ah, OK. My bad!

I made a Naruto emblem, but my current one is Luffy D Monkey
The link I posted saying it's Naruto is now Luffy >.>
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iride4shady, technically its Madara Uchiha...
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Who Tobi? No
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Jesus spoiler Christ....

Some people really should just get banned from the site. How hard is it to understand that some people aren't that far in Naruto?

Anyway, this is my emblem: https://api.elite.callofduty.com//emblem/xbox/54d10030cc86b1b988df1753deb8541e?size=100&title=ops2&imgtype=png
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My Ninja turtle I made last night. Needs some work yet. Think I should round the yellow chest instead of square and add a sword.
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I've tinkered with my Tennessee Titans logo a bit. The bottom of the T is now correct (earlier, I used a bullet logo to get the basic shape).


Edit: Zoomed in, I still need to work on the upper flame.
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My attempt at Venom. I am pretty fond of it.
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I dunno if it's any good, but it's the first time I've ever sat down and actually tried to make an emblem that wasn't a default one
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My Christmas-y emblem. This is pretty cool, all sorts of adjustments I now see I should make.

My emblem inventory is all filled up, please visit my channel and check em out! I'll post again once I change the current one.

I reeaally wish they would allow us to share emblems! A request based system would really be the cherry on the cake for emblem editing!
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