Lets see who here on GameFaqs has the best emblem (Here's how to show it)

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i r botmen
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theDemonZabuza posted...

My Christmas-y emblem. This is pretty cool, all sorts of adjustments I now see I should make.

My emblem inventory is all filled up, please visit my channel and check em out! I'll post again once I change the current one.

I reeaally wish they would allow us to share emblems! A request based system would really be the cherry on the cake for emblem editing!

The only thing you can do is like/dislike recently made ones, it's sucks

I'm sure they thought of it, but were probably too lazy to make it possible
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Here's some better pics of my emblems.
Avatar Aang,WCW Sting,Naruto,Sakura,Tobi and Zatoichi.
What's goin on in ere?
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The KiDeRMaN posted...
Here's some better pics of my emblems.
Avatar Aang,WCW Sting,Naruto,Sakura,Tobi and Zatoichi.

The Tobi one looks especially good, very nice
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holy crap i only saw the first four emblems in this topic you guys are good. mine is s***
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I had a sniper emblem in BO1 so I wanted to make a new one. Only difference is that last time, I followed a guide. This time I just free handed it.
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I had a lot of fun making this one. I hope it's not a case of too many types of cheese in one burrito! D: Enjoy :)

The SAW is from my gamertag SAWmaterasu, and the 3624 is my favorite number and I use it in everything.

By the way, everyone in here is super-talented. My emblem suddenly looks rather... bland. :(
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we got anime fans here?

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From: TheKyubi | #024
How the hell did you guys do this?? I wanna know!! Especially the Tobi one

Youtube for 90% of what's been posted here.

My 100% homemade emblem:


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Gumball Watterson.

My outlines are a bit off though...
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