Lets see who here on GameFaqs has the best emblem (Here's how to show it)

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Something I put together after reading this topic.

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Yep, bet you won't guess what it means.
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NarutoTaio posted...
eddiethemc posted...
My Gamertag is WayfaringWizard...


Love seeing creative stuff like this

Thank you, I like this thread. Brings a lot of the nice emblems together so I don't have to go through all the randoms' emblems, sifting through swastikas, genitals and whatnot.
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The chalk Batman symbol from TDKR with a little joker added into the mix.
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NarutoTaio posted...
iRide4Shady posted...

Obito from Naruto Shippuden!

You mean Tobi
Nice one actually

he got it from a tutorial on youtube..
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Here's mine. I didn't use a reference. I just decided in making an owl for random reasons.


The shading color looks darker there for some reason, but in the game it looks a bit lighter, which is better.
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TheMilkman99 posted...
I doubt anyone will ever recognize my emblem, but I will, and that's what's important. :D


Dead Space comes to mind
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There's a lot of good and creative ones. Here's mine

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San Andreas Emblem

Her white pants blend into the background so it messes up the legs. If it's on a background it looks fine.
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Oh well...
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