I camp, and I dont feel bad about it at all.

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R0YB0T posted...
It's a military shooter, there is nothing wrong with camping in it.

Its a video game.
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Still a viable strategy.
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flagg2kplus posted...
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flagg2kplus posted...
Blizzard09 posted...
flagg2kplus posted...
Dont get me wrong, I dont hide in a corner camp. I take over a specific section or building and lock it down.

Im very good at it, and people rage over and over about my camping. I enjoy that.

A kid called me a camper. I was offended. Not because he called me a camper, but because Im the BEST camper.

EDIT: As for objectives. I only play games where defending is involved. Domination, Capture The Flag, and TDM.


I would farm the hell out of you... People like you keep my K/D ratio up. Your just so easy to farm kills from.

You would think so.

But I actually farm people like you.

Since you guys know where I am, you come to me. I dont have to look for you.

Generally you expect me to be in the exact same place I was before.

Again, Im not that kind of camper.

Sure you may get me, but for every one time you get me, I killed you 5 times.

Thank you for my k/d


The good old red dot on the map shows me where you are. And with the Ghost perk you don't see me, but I see you. Thanks to SPM my name will always be much higher then you on the leaderboards. You campers always good for the free kill.

I use ghost as well.

If theres a UAV up, Im moving and I shoot them down ASAP.

I have scavenger, so I always have missles to shoot them down.

They are never up for long, and while they are up, Im good with ghost.

While TC is wasting his time shooting down those UAV's instead of guarding his precious camp spot I will be shooting him. . .Camp all you want, I will find you and I will kill you lol oh don't worry it's a video game you won't die in real life ;)
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pyrokinesis666 posted...
Well your a coward whose afraid of getting killed. nuff said

And you get butt hurt by people who kill you that camp nuff said.
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RS_YELARAKA posted...
Bar fight breaks out.....TC jumps behind the bar in fear.....rest of his buddies throw punches....TC avoids all encounters (deaths).....Fights over and TC jumps back out to claim victory.


No no, his story would be that while he's hiding behind a bar, he's throws a few bottles into the crowd and gets lucky by getting a hit a two. But yeah, pretty spot on story. Kind of sad that I can picture it perfectly too. lol
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At least your type of camping is beneficial to the team (you implied you were defending objectives) as well as being easy to counter (you claim to pretty much always go to the same basic area, predictability makes you weak).

Nothing wrong here.
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Camping is a strategy for wimps 'nuff said.
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R0YB0T posted...
It's a military shooter, there is nothing wrong with camping in it.

If only it was a military shooter... Its a first person action shooter. CoD couldn't get any further away from a military shooter.

Guns and adding a army name don't make it a military shooter.
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P3rrydPlatypus posted...
Camping is a strategy for wimps 'nuff said.

And so is rushing with OP guns nuff said. See what I did there? NO? Oh that's because your blind.
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Camping is fun. Nice to get away from civilization sometimes, reconnect with nature.
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