Anybody yet to found a gun that click?

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User Info: gangoplush

4 years ago#11
i have several guns that i like.

vector, svu, mtar and skorpion.

User Info: darkshadowmaster

4 years ago#12
FAL, M8, PDW, and to a lower degree the AN-94.
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User Info: gnosox1986

4 years ago#13
zerooo0 posted...
Normally by now I have my gun. But so far, I don't seem to have one. I'm still experimenting with set ups, but I don't know. I do pretty well with the HAMR, but again I'm experimenting.

Why when I Prestige I'm gonna use my token on Scavenger. Since Scavenger+Shock Charge= FUN. Especially with Fast Hands.

I very much agree. I have been flipping from gun to gun... and nothing is really feeling smooth. I had a good think going with the vector, but it seems since the last patch, it isnt has effective... so i switched to the Shottys everyone was killing me with... KSG was ok, but you have to ADS everytype to be consistant with it. im more of a patrol type. I like being able to hipfire, but still have effectiveness at a range (which is why im not huge on shottys in the first place).
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User Info: EvilMeatBallNL

4 years ago#14
MP7 and M27.
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User Info: home352

4 years ago#15
LSAT, call me crazy....
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User Info: Krazoa2

4 years ago#16
My gun click cuz it out bulets.

User Info: PvtPorkSord

4 years ago#17
R870 with B93R as a secondary. Love it.

User Info: shinnok2k5

4 years ago#18
Mp7, msmc whatever, and m7. I cant remember all of the gun names exactly i.dont play it as much as I did other cods.
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User Info: outlawstar289

4 years ago#19
home352 posted...
LSAT, call me crazy....

You are not crazy.

For me, it's the FAL and LSAT, they're my go-to guns. The Type 25 is pretty beastly as well.
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User Info: JJrooot

4 years ago#20
Vector.... and it seems ALOT of people agree with me lol.
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