What's the gun that makes you angriest when you die to it?

#11NarutoTaioPosted 11/27/2012 9:29:16 AM
Freddie_Mays posted...
Any one hit kill weapon, shouldnt have them in this game.

They are fine
They might be OHK, and annoying, but the people using them don't do well overall KD wise
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''Oh, there's a frag there I'll just move away from it *moves away* it looks like I can't go any further but at least the icon is really faint so I guess I'll be fi~*DEAD*.
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Oh yeah like there aren't any guns in real life that can't kill you in one hit. This isn't Halo.
#14PDXRoverMechPosted 11/27/2012 9:40:58 AM
whatever gun i'm using.
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Other people need to use this ladder.
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I don't hate being killed by any gun in particular, but I hate getting wall banged by the MMS. That's really my only complaint.
#17JDood5491Posted 11/27/2012 9:45:27 AM
Any sniper rifle.
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Kovalchuk_ posted...
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KSG, just because I am terrible with it.
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Lol @ all the shotgun butthurt in this topic.
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